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Physician Supervision and House Call Specialists

We offer innovative, customized and cost-efficient solutions to customers who are in need of physician supervision or direction. 


MedCon is supported by a sophisticated, 24x365 paramedic-staffed call center that can provide a wide range of support services for our customers, as well as coordinating and recording on-line medical control calls. 


We can provide protocols and QI programs, or use yours.  We can standup a training program, or support your existing one.  Our goal is always to bring the tools to bear that best fit your needs, customer expectations and budget. 


We have extensive experience in post-acute care and bundled payment programs, and can provide a wide range of services in support of those initiatives. MedCon providers care for patients in assisted and independent living, memory care and personal care homes.

Services we are currently providing to customers

About Us

Who are we?


Experienced physicians and mid-level practitioners, supported by expert health care administrators and practice managers.

What do we do?


We provide physician supervision and clinical operations support in the out-of-hospital, transitional care and post-acute settings. 


We assist our customers with:

  • House call and Concierge Physician care

  • Physician services for Independent Living, Memory Care and Assisted Living facilities

  • Medical Direction for Emergency Medical Services and Paramedic operations

  • Industrial and Remote care supervision and staffing

  • Supervision for mid-level practitioners (physician assistants and advanced practice registered nurses)

  • Hospice, Palliative and Home Health support and physician medical direction

How do we do it?


  • We have dedicated full-time providers and managers

  • We are supported by a robust and sophisticated 24 x 365 clinically-staffed command center operating under our medical direction

  • One of our physicians is always available to assist, immediately, 24 hours a day

  • We have the expertise, experience and resources to develop a robust care delivery system around your current operation

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Our Services
EMS and Paramedic Operations

EMS and Paramedic Operations

We are experts in emergency medical services, ambulance and paramedic operations.  Our administrative, clinical management and medical direction experience is second to none, and we put that to work for our clients to find innovative, cost-effective and high quality solutions to the challenges faced by paramedic practitioners. 


MedCon provides 24 hour, 365 day-per-year on-line medical control via a paramedic-staffed call center with instant access to an EMS-trained physician.  The call center can assist field providers with a variety of tasks, including coordinating resources and communicating across the health care system.  All interactions are recorded digitally and reviewed for quality assurance. 


Our off-line services are second to none.  We help expand your QI and education efforts and work with you to build and implement the right protocols to best meet the real challenges you face in the field every day. 


We support paramedic services in land-based remote clinics, oil and gas operations, traditional ground ambulance, air ambulance and community health paramedic programs.  All our customers benefit from this wide range of current experience.

Industrial and Remote Clinics

Our physician partners are experienced in military, rural and emergency medicine.  We are especially interested in the provision of care in austere or remote settings.


We have extensive experience setting up and operating clinics in industrial and remote sites.  MedCon can directly staff such operations, or provide the physician and clinical oversight needed to successfully provide care in these settings.  Our staffing options include EMT’s and paramedics, nurses, mid-level practitioners and even physicians.


We offer innovative and cost-effective ways to provide care in the toughest of settings, while maintaining the highest quality.

Mid-Level Supervision

Our physician partners can provide the required supervision for advanced nurse practitioners (APRN) and physician assistants (PA-C), in both clinical and house call practice settings.


Our supervision services are robust and fully compliant, while being flexible and cost-effective.  We genuinely partner with your mid-level providers to ensure a high quality of care while controlling overhead costs. 


Our physicians are immediately available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year for consultation. 

Assisted Living and Memory Care

Families who are looking to place a loved one with an assisted living or memory care facility are always concerned about the medical care available.  MedCon practitioners can help you create a robust, effective and welcoming care system within your facility.  Our providers regularly visit clients in your building and communicate frequently with your internal caregivers and family members. 


We understand that in these settings, availability, frequent touches and communication are critical to our mutual success.


Our providers are always readily available to assist your caregivers with guidance or orders as needed, via a 24 hour clinically-staffed call center.  We can provide the physician support needed for your aids and nurses to provide the best care, and help keep the patient where they want and need to be……in your building. 

Hospice and Palliative Care

Physician supervision and medical direction are crucial to the success of a hospice service.  There is no greater, or more important, challenge than the provision of quality care at the end of life.  We are experienced in hospice and palliative care, and our clinicians have a genuine passion for this important field of medicine.


Our physicians attend your IDT meetings, visit patients as needed and are always readily available 24 x 365 for consultation and orders to support your clinical staff.  


We have a robust and sophisticated call center and software platform that enables fast, efficient and effective care coordination, communication, data sharing and logistical support for all aspects of hospice care.


MedCon offers all this under highly competitive pricing that helps you control costs while improving quality of care.

We'd love to hear from you!

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Mid-Level Supervision
Assisted Living and Memory Care
Hospice and Palliative Care

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